02 January 2011

Jan 1 - "Shot, huh? That'll do it everytime"

Ghost (1990)
dir. Jerry Zucker (Rat Race, 2001)
Patrick Swayze (Tall Tale, 1995)
Demi Moore (The Scarlet Letter, 1995)
Whoopi Goldberg (The Associate, 1996)
Tony Goldwyn (The Last Samurai, 2003)
Vincent Schiavelli (A Little Princess, 1995)
Stephen Root (Crocodile Dundee 2, 1988)

When I'm feeling down, there's really only a handful of movies I feel like watching, depending with the source of anxiety. When challenged by matters of the heart, I think Ghost is a pretty obvious route to catharsis, unless you're like some anti-geeks who can't stand supernatural themes, then I guess you might watch Notebook (still haven't seen it!) or some other Nicholas Sparks crap. I like Ghost.

First of all, and this used to be privileged knowledge, "Unchained Melody" is my favorite love song. It really slays me. Right in the guts, and the version by Il Divo sung in Italian is impossible to sit through without at least a little wistful sniffing. Here we get the Righteous Brothers version, which is the most familiar to everyone. I think it's the part where the lyrics stutter a little "I-i-i need your love."


Here's another thing: I think Whoopi is awesome. I'm a big fan, I think she's the real deal. Class act all the way. I love the scene where Sam takes her to the bank and she's trying to act all cool and casual, although I would think that a professional con artiste would have more grace under pressure and be able to roll with the punches. I wish I were psychic.

The whole initiative may have gone better if my momma didn't ruin the MOST PIVOTAL SCENE (besides when Sam spooks out on his frenemy Carl) by pointing out that the in the scene where Sam and his girl reunite from beyond the grave! (and Unchained Melody is crooning full blast) and I'm supposed to be all impressed because their LOVE TRANSCENDS THE BOUNDARIES OF THIS MORTAL COIL-- my mom points out that even though Patrick Swayze is getting all intimate with Demi Moore on the screen, in the story world it's really a possessed Whoopi Goldberg doing all the cuddles, and wouldn't that feel weird to Molly?

Ambiance ruined?

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  1. Happy New Year, Paris! :) Also I think we are the only two women in the world that have not seen the Notebook. (and I don't really plan on watching it anytime soon either...)

    PS I LOVE Unchained Melody! Such a good song.