04 March 2011

March Movie Wishlist

Rango (dir. Gore Verbinski)
It's a chameleon and he's a cowboy. That's adorable.

Uncle Boonmee Who Can Recall His Past Lives
This is a Thai movie about a dying man, but it's a comedy. There are ghosts involved and it probably has a redemptive and uplifting ending.

Nope. Not tired of werewolves yet.

Just because I always meant to read this book.

Black Death
I declare this month's theme to be period films. And Rango counts as a period film. This one is about some monks too, which you'll recall was my pick from last month. That I haven't seen yet.

Sucker Punch
I've seen this trailer too many times to not follow through. And, you know, it's got sci-fi and some girls with guns.

Movies I don't want to see

The Adjustment Bureau (dir. George Nolfi)
What's the deal with Matt Damon's shitty movies lately? What was that last one about an angsty psychic? I didn't want to see that either, and I LOVE science fiction! Dude, we loved The Bourne Identity, now get your act together before people start thinking that Ben Affleck is cooler than you.

Take Me Home Tonight (dir. Michael Dowse)
What has Topher Grace done for me lately? Nothing. This movie looks derivative and lame.

The Lincoln Lawyer
The only thing worse than Matthew McConaughey is when he isn't acting in a smarmy romantic comedy. That's enough now, Matt.

Not a Bradley Cooper fan either.

The Beaver
I want to smack whoever let this happen. It's about Mel Gibson with a hand puppet and God help us all if they pun on that. I would rather see Nicolas Cage in this role.

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  1. Don't know about Red Riding Hood, but Sucker Punch looks pretty badass :-P