03 March 2011

5 March - "Are you just saying that because you're taped to a toilet?"

Serious Moonlight (2009)
dir. Cheryl Hines

Meg Ryan (Kate & Leopold, 2001)
Timothy Hutton (The Last Mimzey, 2007)
Justin Long (Dreamland, 2006)
Kristen Bell (Forgetting Sarah Marshall, 2008)

This movie was awful. I'm sorry to subject you all to even this vicarious cinematic experience. I'm especially sorry since last time I watched a bad movie too. I hate to be a negative Nancy.

Of course, I knew what I was getting into with a Meg Ryan movie, and the synopsis wasn't particularly exciting either just in case you're a Meg Ryan fan (I'll always have a soft spot for Sleepless in Seattle). In this movie she looked different somehow, maybe she got lip injections?

In a nutshell, Meg Ryan, playing the same character that Meg Ryan always plays, comes to home to learn that her husband is in love with another woman and about to jet off to Paris, and then just when you thought you were going to watch the rest of French Kiss, she knocks him unconscious and ties him to a chair. There's a twist ending, but I figured it out well before the end. 'Cause I'm the smartest.

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