06 October 2010

5 Oct- "It's hard to imagine a man's scream from here"

The Wind that Shakes the Barley (2006)
dir. Ken Loach

Cillian Murphy (28 Days Later, 2002)
Padraic Delaney
Frank O'Sullivan

War movies are harder for me. And for some dopey-do reason I spread this out over three days in which I was really distracted by stupid schoolwork. And there was lots of talking bits about whether they should accept the treaty and whether wealthy landowners should be buying guns for the IRA. With all the talking, I'm not really sure this should be called a war movie. It's really more of a political drama with some skirmishes.

Cillian Murphy is great though. But honestly, I didn't really know who he was until I recognized his face and did some internetting. I found out that he's from CORK, IRELAND and his wife is named Yvonne McGuinness and that there is a name that is the most Irish ever and that's it. Yeah, he's also super-cute and was in Sunshine and Dark Knight.

My favorite scene occurred between Damien (Murphy) and the English officer, in which our Irish hero demands that the English cease their occupation, and the English guy kinda freaks out and you can tell that he doesn't want to be there AT ALL,and this skinny young English kid holds up an enormous rifle and looks scared and then the officer gives the kid a pistol and orders him to shoot Damien in the temple and he's scared but he does it, but it just clicks empty and everyone looks very upset and impotent. It's a perfect scene, epitomizing the theme of the film quite succinctly.

Okay - so no more watching movies in chunks. In for a penny, in for a pound; that's what I always say. 'Cause it's October, I put a bunch of ScAAaaARry movies on my netflix queue. which means a lot of sleepless nights alone for me. All well. Look out for Jesse James next time.

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