13 October 2010

Oct 13 - "I know I will be alone."

Carriers (2009)

dir. Àlex and David Pastor

Piper Perabo (Coyote Ugly, 2000)
Chris Pine (Star Trek, 2009)
Emily VanCamp
Christopher Meloni (Law and Order: Special Victims Unit (TV), 1999-2010)

Starting with The Burrowers from Monday, the rest of October will be all horror/scary movies unless I can't take it anymore, but by then it will be Halloween and then everyone else will be into it too. Unfortunately, I've been heavy dosing on zombie/post-apocalyptic/horror movies ever since I moved to Georgia in August, so I'm already a little burnt out. But I think this is probably my favorite genre so if anyone can stand blood+guts+ghosts for a whole month, it's me.

Carriers is about a virus that causes the downfall of western civilization with no zombies. Other than that slight detail - it's a basic zombie road movie with the threat of constant death. Much like The Happening or Zombieland, the gang of two brothers and their girlfriends get into some misadventures on their way to a vaguely described destination. They have to find gas, supplies, occasionally a new car, and avoid the infected (who do not become zombies). The music and the scenery was cool, the characters were poorly developed. The worst was the younger brother's girl, who was evidently not really his girlfriend (I think because she went to prep school?). When I am the leader of my own post-apocalyptic survival gang (and you all know I'm going to be the leader) I won't tolerate annoy bitches like that undermining my authority and telling me to shoot my own brother. She was supposed to have some character trope where she kept checking the payphones to call her parents who were on a cruise ship when the shit hit the fan, and then she stopped checking and I guess that symbolizes her loss of innocence or something but I'm reaching here. I like it when the fictional characters learn something.

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