24 October 2010

Oct 24 - Conquering fears

I finally finished Paranormal Activity! How did I manage it?

Paris's Guide to Surviving a Movie that's too scary

1) Turn all the lights on, preferably, you should arrange your lamps so there is plenty of glare on the screen, if you can't see the monster you won't have nightmares about it later

2) Multitask - the key is to normalize the situation and emphasize the contrast between the fantastic and the banal. So pull out some ironing or paint your nails. I made chicken makhani and blogged.

3) Pause often! Let your heart rate settle down again.

4) Don't pause at all! Get up and go pee with the movie running - maybe the awful pars will be over by the time you get back.

4) Make sure you're going to end the movie before dark!

1 comment:

  1. Very sage advice, Paris! I especially like #2. You could add another tip: Don't watch it alone...unless it was implied in your list that you are watching the movie along. In that case, my point is irrelevant.