05 October 2010

Movie Trailer Tuesday!

Tonight I have to write an application for a graduate workshop which I really want to attend not only because it's really close to Philly and afterwards I can go straight home and have an extra-long Thanksgiving vacation with my family that I miss terribly. So I think I'll have to skip movie time again :(

ALTHOUGH yesterday I watched the first half hour of The Wind that Shakes the Barley (just like I said I would!) while I was treadmilling and let me say that electric thrumming + Irish accents make for poor conflict comprehension but I get there was some problem with the train and so that cute guy from Sunshine decided to join the Irish resistance even though in the previous scene he was pretty set against it. Whatever. So I've got that going on, PLUS Jesse James came in the mail today - so I'm really itchy for some historical kick-assery.

As promised, now I'm going to watch the trailer for the horror movie Chain Letter, and then I'm going to give a detailed plot synopsis, so...spoiler alert???

OK - so i'm calling Urban Legend (1998) crossed with Final Destination (2000). Obviously you start with a group of 7-8 friends because nearly all of them are going to be killed off. Among these there is at least one stoner, one sassy black guy, a geek (he's the one with glasses), a male love interest (prolly that dark haired guy who says 'delete' near the beginning), plus the spunky female protagonist played by Nikki Reed (who was the bitchy sister vampire in Twilight). So the premise here is omigosh, what if those chinsey chain emails were 4 realzies? and the killer tracks his victims via computer virus and dispatches those who fail to "pass it on" with lots of chains 'cause that's, like, symbolic or something. Everyone dies - Nikki is betrayed by her bf and they DON'T BANG (because if you remember Scream 2, you'll know that only virgins survive horror movies) but he gets TOTALLY STRANGLED to death by chains, and then Nikki and the last friend remaining (probably the black guy, because black-guy-dies-first is getting too obviously cliche) find out who the killer was (the AV nerd they excluded from their friend group! He got the chains from the set of the school play) not before the black guy gets his, and then Nikki gets the killer with an axe.

Probably, anyway.

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  1. haha, this is way too funny! I normally don't like horror movies but this one looks especially bad...plus no one uses AOL anymore.