10 October 2010

Oct 10: "You'll be awake in your grave"

The Burrowers (2008)

dir. J.T. Petty

Clancy Brown (Mr. Krabs (voice), Spongebob Squarepants (TV) 1999-2010)
William Mapother (Lost (TV), 2004-2010)
David Midthunder (Terminator: Salvation, 2009)

OK - Now we can start spooky October movies - With ANOTHER western!

As far as movies about underground monsters in the old west go, I have to say that I liked The Burrowers at least twice as much as Tremors 4: The Legend Begins.

But for serious, GREAT monster movie! There were some awesome motifs, including an obnoxious military guy who brushed his mustache while the Indian captive was being tortured and kept telling Our Heroes that "As long as you ride with my unit, I am in charge of this rescue operation!" And I was really excited for this guy to die, except they went all for an ironic face-palm ending, and well, I won't spoil it for you because if I ever enthusiastically recommend a movie - It's this one. You have to watch it. It's October and you need to see this monster movie.

The main guy was a charming Irish immigrant named Coffy who was looking for his sweetheart, presumed kidnapped by Injuns. You know he's a good guy because he stuck up for the token black guy (who was not a slave) and they bonded 'cause hahaha, doesn't it suck to be different in the USA?

My only beef with this flick is the amount of time the rescue party spends worrying about how many times their womenfolk have been raped since they went missing. There's also a bit at the beginning where Partcher tells the kid, Dobie, that he should be brave enough to shoot his mother if Indians ever attack their house. The obsession with the white women being "tainted" reminded me of a movie called The Searchers, in which John Wayne spends the whole movie looking for his daughter that was kidnapped by Indians, and at the very end when he finds her and you think everything is going to work out, he shoots her. Because she's spent time with the natives and now she's ruined forever. In these kinds of stories, the woman only represents the integrity of male members of her community, and that's just too much pressure for a woman to fairly bear.

ALSO I found out that The Burrowers was a TV series BEFORE it was a movie - So I want to know if anyone has ever seen that and is it any good?

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