08 October 2011

Paris's Favorite Actors redux

The more I think about it, there's some pretty important names I left off my first list, which is, in fact, the most visited of all of my blog posts, mostly from google image searches, unsurprisingly. I hope at least some of those folks take a minute and read for a while.

Antonio Banderas
The 13th Warrior, Shrek 2 (voice), Desperado The Mask of Zorro, 

Antonio Banderas is a bit of an obvious choice, and that's probably why I left him off of the first list. Now, don't get me wrong, I'm not going to claim that he's a great actor or anything. This picture here is from The 13th Warrior and I think that movie alone would undermine any argument to that effect. In fact, I didn't even like Desperado that much, after I thought about it for a while. Nevertheless, he's a good looking guy, and chicks are always suckers for the accents.

Gary Oldman
The ProfessionalTrue Romance, Red Riding Hood,  Air Force One

Now, I'm truly surprised that I omitted Gary Oldman from the first list, because he is truly one of the greatest actors, in my opinion. Usually I conceptualized them as a trifecta of Gary Oldman, Edward Norton, and Sam Rockwell. Why haven't these guys ever been in a movie together? It's unclear, but maybe it's for the best because I imagine that such a movie would be so dazzlingly brilliant that there wouldn't be much sense in even having an entertainment industry anymore, because there wouldn't be point.

Adam Beach
Cowboys & Aliens, Smoke Signals

Like Antonio Banderas, Adam Beach isn't that wonderful of an actor either (especially if you've seen him on Law & Order: SVU) but he's really cute and dammit, he's trying! Unfortunately he's fighting an uphill battle because the entertainment-industrial complex hasn't quite gotten the hang of writing non-stereotypical parts for non-white actors yet.

Daniel Day-Lewis
There Will Be Blood, The Last of the Mohicans, Gangs of New York, My Left Foot

I did not realize this, but Daniel Day-Lewis does not have very many movies on his CV - especially considering that he started in 1971, unless IMDb is remiss in its catalog, but I couldn't think of any other movies that weren't there already. That works for me, though, because too much of this guy and we're all bound to overdose. Not only is DDL a crazy-good actor, but he has this unearthly face which is simultaneously repulsive and yet also too beautiful for this world. I hope I'm not the only one who feels that way. Of course it doesn't hurt that Mohicans is my favoritest movie of all favorites and when I collapse, as I sometimes do, into a dark night of the soul I reflect upon Hawkeye explaining to Cora that this frontier life is rough, but at least we're not "living by anybody's leave"

David Duchovny 
X-Files: Fight the Future, Evolution, Zoolander

I've been trying to get through the X-Files series (I'm on season 6!), so of course I've got a little crush on this notoriously expressionless FBI agent.  Although if I had to pick a favorite character, it would definitely be Agent Scully. Unfortunately David Duchovny's career outisde of Agent Fox Mulder hasn't been entirely commentable. Evolution was pretty funny, and he had that other show, Californication, which I think some people liked. I never watched it because one time this guy asked me if I wanted to go to his room to check it out, but I didn't think he really wanted to watch T.V., and so the program was forever marred by an awkward memory.

William H. Macy 
Fargo, Thank You For Smoking, Magnolia, Pleasantville, Boogie Nights

Last, but not least, I want to add William H. Macy because he is one of my very favorite actors. I really dig that sort of sad-sack working class goombah that he pulls off so well. This picture's kind of because I pulled it from Boogie Nights which I think is the only Macy flick I have on my hard drive. I might have Magnolia, I'm not sure. What I cannot say about any of these other fine actors is that William H. Macy has never disappointed me in a performance. And I include Mystery Men in that assessment.

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