12 October 2011

8 Oct- "He's five-nine, which is kind of short, but he's read The Great Gatsby twice"

The Ugly Truth (2009)
dir. Robert Luketic (Legally Blonde, 2001)

Katherine Heigl (Knocked Up, 2007)
Gerard Butler (Timeline, 2003)
Bree Turner (Dunston Checks In, 1995)
Nick Searcy (Fried Green Tomatoes, 1991)
Jesse D. Goins (WarGames, 1983)
Cheryl Hines (Along Came Polly, 2004)
John Michael Higgins (Blade: Trinity, 2004)
Bonnie Somerville (Bedazzled, 2000)
Yvette Nicole Brown (The Island, 2005)
Nathan Corddry (The Invention of Lying, 2009)
Blake Robbins (The Bling Ring (TV), 2011)
Kevin Connolly (The Beverly Hillbillies, 1993)
Valente Rodriguez (Erin Brockovitch, 2000)
Jamison Yang (Transformers, 2007)

Cora made me watch this but she promised that next time I get to pick the movie and I already know that I'm either going to choose The Last of the Mohicans (Because she's never seen it!) or Beautiful Girls.

This is Judy Greer with a puppy
This movie had some funny lines, all these rom-coms do, but it was terribly predictable, even in the madcap zany scenes where everything goes wrong. The characters were awfully archetypal; she's a workaholic and overbearing and drives away all of her dates, he's lewd and uncaring. Except it's because he's had his heart broken, and she's pretty nice once you get to know her.

What distracted me the most, though, was something about how the assistant/friend played the same character that Judy Greer usually plays and they made her up to look a lot like Judy Greer too, and that was really distracting because I kept trying to confirm that it was not, in fact, Judy Greer.

This is Bree Turner, a younger and prettier Judy Greer?
I don't know what else to discuss here. The only thing that's remarkable about this movie is how unremarkable it was. This is the most straightforward romantic comedy I've ever seen, absolutely no new ground has been broken here. I'm pretty certain that every gag in it already occurred elsewhere.

But I'm trying to be more positive, so let's talk about
solutions, not problems. First of all, Katherine Heigl was way too attractive to play that character. Am I supposed to believe that menfolk will make NO accommodations for an obscenely pretty face? That's ridiculous. All of the other romantic movies I've seen have demonstrated that men will go to great lengths to win the favor of fair ladies, and the guy in this movie won't even tolerate Heigl picking out a restaurant for their first date. Ludicrous.

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