30 September 2011

October Movie WIshlist

I realized that I hadn't done one of these in a while, probably because I've got plenty on my backlog of movies to watch on Instant Netflix and then a whole 'nother list underneath that of movies I can't watch on Instant Netflix but have to wait until I finally decide to quit netflix once and for all (I don't know why they had to go and make it difficult for me to get my DVDs in the mail like old times)

Movies I Definitely Want to See
1) Dirty Girl
This movie looks funny and a bunch of my favorite actors are in it: William H. Macy, Mary Steenburgen, and Milla Jovovitch.

2) Blackthorn
This is about an old and worn-out Butch Cassidy, he makes friends with a Mexican guy. I do like the westerns.

3) The Big Year
Jack Black, Steve Martin, Owen Wilson. I'm thinking the tried&true latter actors will balance out the hit&miss former. This could be really funny.

4) The Woman
This one is about a family who takes in a feral girl or possibly a zombie. It looks like a who's-the-real-monster sort of situation, a sort of monstrous-human dichotomy myth. (I like the way that sounded!)

5) Martha Marcy May Marlene
This is a thriller about a woman who runs afoul of a cult and they play all sorts of tricks with her head. Very psychological.

6) Anonymous
This is the one about Shakespeare's real identity

Movies I'm Not So Sure About
a) The Ides of March
As are most people, I'm totally smitten with Ryan Gosling and support his every venture. The political movies rarely do it for me though. I try to get into it, but if you see the kind of movies I watch, you'll notice a few genre-biases.

b) Fireflies in the Garden
This movie looks a bit feely for me, but I will probably end up seeing it on my own and they crying about it.

c) The Skin I Live in
This movie looks freaky. In a way it reminds me of postmodern feelings like in the movie Fahrenheit 451 or maybe even A Clockwork Orange. It could be great or awful.

d) Texas Killing Fields
Another movie about women being murdered. I've seen this already on SVU.

e) The Three Musketeers
I love the Musketeers, but this movie seems so unnecessarily steampunk. So I'm not sure.

f) In Time
I like this idea because it's very literal.

g) Sleeping Beauty
I'm often disappointed by fairy tale adaptations, but I keep coming back for more.

Movies I Don't Want to See At All
i) Real Steel
This movie appears to be about Rock 'em Sock 'em robots. I would much rather see a boxing movie about Hugh Jackman than sit through a visual assault of CGI.

ii) Footloose
Not starring Zac Efron, apparently. I watched the trailer and it seemed like there might have been a pretty neat opportunity for some social commentary, specifically on the rise of extreme conservatism. But I guess that doesn't sell tickets.

iii) Trespass
I'm usually the first person to stand up for Nick Cage, but I can't abide him in thillers or action flicks. It seems to me like this movie was tailor-made for Harrison Ford, or at least Dennis Quaid.

iv) Paranormal Activity 3

v) The Rum Diary
I still haven't haven't read anything by Hunter S. Thompson. Character failing.

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