02 February 2011

February Movie Wishlist!!!

1) Even the Rain dir. Iciar Bollain)
This movie is about Christopher Columbus being mischievous in the New World. I LOVElove movies about Spaniards behaving badly (even though we all know Chris C. was Italian), so this looks cool.

2) London Boulevard (dir. William Monahan)
This one pairs my ambivalence for Colin Farrell with my resolute disdain for Keira Knightly, but she CAN do a British accent well enough, and as long as Colin Farrell's not trying to act American I am cool with him. He plays a reformed criminal trying to make it clean by working as a repairman for a reclusive young actress. Doesn't that sound like a perfect Colin Farrell role?

3)The Scenesters (dir. Todd Berger)
An avante-garde directer turns crime-scene videographer and attempts to catch a serial-killer targeting hipsters (it's a comedy)

4) I Am Number Four (dir. D.J. Caruso)
Ok - this might be REALLY bad: Aliens hide on earth disguised as teenagers, wasn't that the plot of Roswell? Also, if the alien metaphor is about xenophobia, what does it mean when the aliens are attractive white kids? I'm gonna put it on my list anyway because I like alien movies. I like them best when the aliens are killing people, but we'll see how it goes.

5) Of Gods and Men (dir. Xavier Beauvois)
This movie is about my favorite kind of monk, the Trappists (they make that jam I like). Threatened by Algerian terrorists, the monks must decide whether to flee under the threat of annihilation or stay with the community they have swore to serve. Sounds a bit like The Mission, right?

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